Furnishing The Cowshed

The exciting bit..... After lots of hard work by my husband, Simon I've now finally started the process of choosing the interiors, colours, furniture, pots and pans and nick-nacks. For me this is the best it, and suprisingly quite difficult. We wanted a cottage that was bright, modern and cosy but which fitted in with the overall feel of the property. It's been like furnishing our first home all over again, with endless trips out after remembering a forgotten, yet essential item - who could live without a corkscrew!! Simon is making a bespoke bed for the cottage as we couldn't find anything out there that fitted our idea - we wanted a flexible bed to suit visitors, but finding one that was both practical and comfy was an issue. We've also fitted the cottage with a gorgeous limewashed pine floor which we've varnished and furnished with welcoming rugs. The sofas are in, and ready to just flump into at the end of the day and I've had fun picking out mugs, saucepans, dinnerware, ornaments, blinds, bedding and curtains, to name but a few essentials.


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